Institutional Review Board (IRB)


The function of the Institutional Review Board is to protect the rights and welfare of research subjects, through review of research involving human subjects at CSU . The mission of the CSU IRB is congruent with the University's mission of academic excellence, which encompasses teaching, research, service and community development including social justice, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The CSU IRB is under the direction of Dr. Melany P. Puglisi-Weening, IRB Chairperson. The CSU IRB Coordinator is Dr. Warren V. Sherman.


Do you have questions about research at CSU on these or other topics?

  • Research with human subjects
  • Research with vulnerable populations such as children, prisoners, pregnant women and others
  • Authorship questions
  • Publication questions
  • Research ethics
  • Research considerations in international settings
  • Financial disclosure questions
  • Time and effort reporting questions
You can reach the IRB by emailing us at with your questions or to set up an appointment.


  • Several IRB forms have changed due to the implementation of the 2019 Common Rule. This includes new model consent documents as well as other new forms. This regulation governs human subjects protection in the United States. The current forms on this IRB site are the correct forms to use. Please make sure you are not using old forms.
  • For questions regarding research with animal subjects, biological materials (including embryonic stem cells), and biosafety please go the Grants & Research Compliance webpage.