These are events that alumni, donors and partners are invited to. You can click here for a complete calendar of University events.

Upcoming  Events
May 9, 2024 371st Commencement Ceremony (alumni volunteers needed)
May 5, 2024 CSU Cubs Game
April 10, 2024 Cook County Job Fair
March 19, 2024 CSU Career Fair, alumni welcome
March 12, 2024 Women's History Month Panel and Scholarship Presentation: My Life As A Lawyer
Feb 22, 2024 Presidential Lecture Series: Equity in Education and the Workforce
Feb 19, 2024 Education Partner Day at CSU Men's BBall Game
Feb 9, 2024 Alumni Panel - Is There A Role For African Americans in America's Current Foreign Relations, with alumnus and retired diplomat, George Frederick
Feb 3, 2024 CSU Cinema Movie Fest
Feb 3, 2024 Vision for 95th Street Open House
Feb 2, 2024 ComEd Scholars Event with Scholarship Presentation
Februay 2024 Black History Month - a month-long list of activities on campus
Jan 23, 2024 Employer Partner Day at CSU's Men's BBall Game
Dec 20, 2023 Alumni and Greek Night at CSU's Men's BBall Game 
Dec 30, 2023 Crosstown Showdown Men's BBall Game at DePaul's Wintrust Arena, discount for the CSU Community


Past Events  
Nov 29, 2023 Campus Tree Lighting
Nov 28, 2023 CSU Campus Collection Drive
Nov 2, 2023 CSU Career Fair (Alumni Welcome) 
Oct 26, 2023 Chicago Inclusive Teaching Symposium
Oct 17, 2023 Illinois Education Equity Conference
Oct 14, 2023 College of Pharmacy All Alumni Reunion
Oct 6, 2023 1stGEN Scholarship Gala: Elevate
Sept 21, 2023 Jazz on the Grass, CSU Spirit Day
Sept 7, 2023 Jazz on the Grass
May 5, 2023 Where We're Going From Here Presidential Summit (by invitation only)
Apr 5, 2023 CSU Career Fair, Alumni Welcome
Apr 1, 2023 Cougar Athletics in Houston, Texas
Mar 31, 2023 Women's History Month: Women Who Lead Chicago's Iconic Institutions (by invitation only)
Mar 30, 2023 Cougar Athletics in Dallas, Texas
Mar 24, 2023 Women's History Month: Women Who Teach in Higher Ed
Feb 24, 2023 Presidential Lecture Series: Recent Graduates
Feb 21, 2023 Presidential Lecture Series: CSU Alumni School Superintendents